Our Story


Collective Heartbeat was created in order to serve artists. In 2013, Kamil Sliwinski sought out to change that by putting his passions and talents to work in order to build a new platform that would marry both exposure, networking and social media. After a few years of searching for various film crew members, studio locations, etc., we have settled with nothing but the best. Our team is dedicated to bring out the best in all artists as well as provide a pristine quality product. Working out of MAPS Studios/ArtiSans Label and Red Wall Studios you can expect stunning visuals as well as incredibly crisp and clear sound that is evident in both studio recording and the "Live Sessions".

Aside from doing "Live Sessions", we also offer full production recordings. Whether you are looking to record your next EP, or a full-blown record, we are here to offer our services! Kamil Sliwinski is a freelancing audio engineer and a producer who is always ready to tackle the next project. With a unique creative approach, a divers palette, and background in performing, writing as well as recording, he welcomes virtually any style of music into his world.

Last, but not least, we aim to build a personal and professional relationship with anyone involved. Although our specialties lie in vide, audio, and production, we do not let that stunt our potential. We fully support any artistic expression and want to see your work grow to its full effect. We strive to connect you with our team members so that any project can come to fruition. Anything from live performances, records, short films, promos to commercials, photography, or even dance videos. We are here to share our passions and bring them to life. After all, we all share a Collective Heartbeat.

Our Team


Kamil Sliwinski

Owner, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering, Editing, Social Media

Personal Inquires:



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Cole Blackamore

Videography, Editing

Personal Inquires:



Macarah Heller

Videography, Editing

Personal Inquires:



Adam Wright

Videography, Editing

Personal Inquires: