What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 44 (August 3rd, 2018)

Another week of sweet tunes. Today is a special day as we are featuring a new single that dropped TODAY by a band called Monuments. As the name may suggest, this is no easy listen. Monuments include various ex-members of past bands as well as a mixture of members from both the U.K. and the U.S. With their first and second album out ("Gnosis", "The Amanuensis"), these guys have been gearing up for their third full length. The album is called "Phronesis" and will drop October 5th, 2018. For now though, we have been blessed with the single titled "A.W.O.L.". 

A cinematic intro with heavy hitting, explosive drums and lo-fi vocals build up the tension. Reverse pianos, a strings take your mind to a despotic land where there's nothing to save you but the vocals. Featuring some of the darkest lyrics Monuments has ever put out, this song digs deep into the psyche of the listener. With Chris Barretto on the vocals, you are sure to hear amazing performances when it comes to both singing and screaming. With his Michael Jackson-esc  harmonies, Monuments' vocals are yet another element in the band that shine through to no end. This their best sounding record by far as well. A deep, but not overcrowded production features a wide array of sounds, tones, rhythms, progressions, and arrangements.

If you're not a fan of metal, I say give it a listen anyways, what are you afraid of? Perhaps you'll end up liking this one? If it's still a 'no", hang on until next week, as I have a feature brewin' in the works.  In case you do enjoy this genre as much as I do, please, do not let this song (let alone this record) go over your head. Give it a listen and pre-order the album by clicking the buttons below. Let us know what YOU think, and we'll chat soon! Until then, 

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team