What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 43 (July 27th, 2018)

Back again for more, ey? That's alright, we've got more! This week we're talking about a local band called Spirit Mother. It was moments after I had written and posted about Plini's single last week, that I heard about these guys releasing two new singles. Funny enough Plini's new album drops today, but enough about that. Spirit Mother is a four-piece band based out of Long Beach, CA. Outside grudge bass tones, punchy drums, and ripping' guitar riffs, perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the band is the use of violin wishing their music. There's something magical that happens when you have an aggressive, dark sounding melody overplayed with a violin. It just makes things so much more... eerie. Last week, they had released two new singles titled "Black Sheep//Space Cadets". The first song begins with a Queens Of The Stone Age like riff, followed by an irresistible violin lead melody. "Space Cadets" follows with pizzicato strings, upbeat bass line, In you're face vocals layered with harmonies do nothing short of melting your face. The songs in as dark of a manner as it begins. Their music always gives me this feeling like I'm watching a film about lmid 19th century werewolf takeover. I know. Oddly specific, but I have a feeling you might agree once you give it a listen. Thusly, I invite you to take a gander at this release as it has a very unique vibe you are unlikely to hear elsewhere, certainly within the local scene. I'm always very happy to see them put out new music an/or play live as they truly bring something new and refreshing to the table every time. Let us know what you think, and we'll see you next week! Until then,

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team