What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 42 (July 20th, 2018)

We're back! This week we have a single for ya.  For a while now, have I been following this dude. He goes under the name Plini and is a guitar player from Australia. His new single is called "KIND" and much like his music, it is one of a "KIND"! This song is part of a new EP which is currently available to pre-order. Click the button below to get your copy!

Per usual, his music is dynamic, powerful, emotional, diverse, complex, intricate, and simply moving. With new offsets of progressive metal branching out in the last 5 years, Plini is tearing his own ship. Outside of being completely instrumental, his guitar playing seems to really alter my mood (for the better of course). He has an incredible ability to write music that intrinsically follows progressive metal trends, but his arrangements feel ore like classical music, with jumps in orchestration, volume, rhythms, etc. Jazzy chords and additional voicing within the music add a sprinkle of sexy, not to mention the incredible bass licks, which range anywhere from straight mean sounding during breakdowns, to groovy, melodic lines reminiscent of R&B influences and Michael Jackson. Orchestral arrangements within his music are incredible as well. with strings, flutes, percussive instruments to pads, choirs, and synths. The drums, though very hard hitting, are still able to mellow out during parts that require them to do so. Overall, the sonic scape of this record matured by far since any of his part releases. Each guitar riff, solo, snare drum hit, tom, or pad have a deeper sense of space, and the record feels like it's a lot more 3D. This release lets you FEEL the difference. There's something about the quality and articulation of space with each instrument that creates a sense of immersiveness like never before. I suppose that in case you had never heard his music before, one could compare it to a mix of progressive/metal/fusion/jazz/experimental/math rock with a dash of influence derived from Nintendo-like melodies. It is difficult to describe, but extremely rewarding to listen to. With Simon Grove (the bassist) having to co-produce and mix the record, I am very stocked on how it sounds. That dude knows how to do some damage on anyone's speakers (don't worry, they won't blow up). If you care to give it a listen, click the button below and let us know what YOU think. I can blabber about music I listen to all day, but I want to hear what all of YOU are thinking. Don;t be shy, we'll see you next week!

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team