What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 62 (December 28th, 2018)

I was going to make a post last week, but as I hope you have, I took some time off for friends and family. I hope everyone’s Christmas has been good, and I wish you an early Happy New Year!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

My good friend who goes under the pseudonym Sulley had dropped a new album, titled “Observer”. A collective of 13 songs instrumental songs sequenced to make up his now sophomore album. The album ventures across many branches of the electronic genre, countering it’s predecessor which was much more contained within the hip-hop genre. Chris, the mastermind behind all this, has clearly done some growing, both as an artist and a composer. This album feature more interesting key-based layers, which take the tracks in much more captivating directions. I’ve noticed that phasing drum beats and percussion seem to be a reoccurring motif in his productions. In a world of countless Soundcloud beta makers, Sulley is bringing something new to the table. A fresh, nuanced sound that bridges electronic, lo-fi, and hip-hop fields into a cohesive package. My personal favorites include: “Observer”, “Her”, “Trophy”, “Psycho” and “You Need to Slow Down”. If you are in need of relaxing music in your living room, you’re going on a drive, or perhaps you’ve got your earbuds in during your daily bike ride. In either case, give this one a shot!

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.11.35 PM.png

Next up, we’ve got Snail Mail with their album “Lush”. Clean electric guitars, a driving bass, rocking, thuddy drum beats and a melodramatic female vocal. If this doesn’t scream “throwback to the 90’s” to you, I’m not sure what will. Someone compared them to Helium and the work of Mary Timony. I won’t argue with that, but I will say Helium was much heavier. Snail Mail takes that very same nostalgic sonic attitude and refines it into a much more contemporary sound. I really appreciate the sense of consistency that comes across with this album. It’s as if the band challenged themselves to use a handful of the same instruments while in studio. This is, after all, their first studio album. Up until now, the band’s releases were all DIY by the lead singer: Lindsey Jordan. Being only 19 years old, it’s quite astonishing that her music has reached platforms such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone Magazine. If you’re a fan of The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, The Cranberries, or you’ve been waiting for some music that could easily make it onto the Juno soundtrack, this band is for you. “Speaking Terms”, “Anytime”, “Let’s Find Out”, “Golden Dream” and “Heat Wave” would make my top 5 songs of the album. Make sure to let us know hat are yours!


This last one is a bit of a curveball. It’s called “Tuyo” by Rodrigo Amarante and it just so happens that it is the theme song for the show “Narcos”. There was this strange magic that pulled me toward this song. At first I told myself that it’s because it sounds absolutely stunning. It’s fantastic mix that sounds natural, dynamic and not overhyped, much like most of today’s productions. I kept going in circles in my head thinking “There’s something else, there’s something else…”

Sure enough after doing some more digging, it all came clear. Outside of the song being down right beautiful, I recognized the vocalist. I had completely forgotten that I have come across Rodrigo before, some years ago as he is a vital part of a band called Little Joy. Now, those guys I have known since about 2010. In any case, I was happy to see that he’s been making his rounds into other venues and yet again, coming out successful. I’ll be honest, generally I’m not super drawn to Latin based music, but it’s artists like this that have been reeling me in lately. Whether or not you have heard the show’s theme song, it should be come across equally as pleasing.


In the end, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! I truly hope that you get to spend some time with your loved ones, and gift others as much as you’ve been gifted. Let us know what you’re listening to? Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 61 (December 15th, 2018)

I’m feelin’ like just jumping straight into it, so let’s go!

Starting you off with Khruangbin and their album “Con Todo El Mundo”. I first heard the song titled “Maria También” and immediately, I was captivated. The album was released on January 26th of 2018, but it only made it to me now, as I found the band in an Audiotree Festival promo.

Khruangbin is a mostly instrumental trio from Huston, Texas. This album brings forward sounds of 60’s and early 70’s productions in genres such as: psychedelia, soul, dub, hip-hop, as well as Middle Eastern music and Latin roots. At first listen, you may say that it’s very guitar centric, which wouldn’t necessarily be incorrect as the guitar is the most melodically prevalent instrument across all of the songs. With that said, upon a second thought, you will find yourself realizing that all of the instruments are quite melodic on their own as well, but serve their designated roles within the song. Short, snappy drum beats set transport you to a different place with a help of some echo chamber-like reverb. Thumpy bass glues the bridge between the rhythm and melodic elements with immensely groovy lines. Finally, guitar holds a fairly unaltered tone throughput the entirety of the record. A classic, Strat-voiced guitar tone with a healthy amount of reverb makes it’s final stamp in order to bring across their signature sound. The band also features a healthy amount of percussion ranging from Congos, to tambourines, to chimes, as well as keys, and occasional vocals that are as simple as accented exhales to more eccentric background chants and melodies. Super fun, funky and easy record to listen to with a ton of vibe. Get listenin’!


Next up, we’ve got Toro y Moi and their single called “Omaha”. If I may, I’d describe the song as a child of Ginger Root, MGMT, and Tame Impala. What does that mean? An amazing hook, top-notch instrumentation and arrangement, easy to sing and dance along to. This single came out in April 2017, and a new album is set out to be released in 2019. More on that when it comes out! I’m loving the vibe of compressed drums with a dirty plate reverb, 60’s inspired bass, a mix of 60’s and 80’s voiced keys and synths, detuned stereo piano, clean guitars, acoustics reinforcing the chord changes, light electric piano, and very slightly warped vocals. It is definitely one of those “happy-go-lucky” tunes and to be honest, I’m lovin’ it!

Lastly, I bring you Black Thought & Salaam Remi’s “Streams of Thought, Vol.2”. This album came to me as a recommendation from my friend Elijah Arnold (shout out to you dawggie), and I think I’ve listened to it 5 times over that same day. This album dropped about two weeks ago, on November 26th, 2018, and it hasn’t left my playlist since. Black Thought has been around since the 90’s and historically has been known to collaborate with The Roots. He is easily recognized as one of the most prolific rappers of his time, and continues to be so unapologetically. Outside of his obvious talent when it comes to rapping, I think an overall theme I enjoy in this album is that it’s rap with actual instruments. For decades now, most instrumental elements within rap have been replaced with sample, or fabricated sounds. Now, all is good with that, but this breathes in a familiar vibe that has been dearly missed by yours truly. It’s real drums, real bass, real key, real horns, real guitar and real “game” being spat. I’m under the impression that the vocals were recorded essentially in one take, as opposed of comping takes in order to make a “superior” edit (but an edit, nevertheless). I wouldn’t be surprised if the vocals were also recorded with a handheld, live microphone as they definitely have that vibe. The slight reverb and delay effects on the vocals especially make it that the whole album sounds like a really well practiced band live. It’s as if you’re in a room with them, and everyone is head-boppin’. Most productions today, across all genres, intend to augment the performances in order to make them sound bigger than they were in real life. I’d say that with this record the production dollars went into things like getting woodwind players, a solid drummer, an amazing bass player, as opposed to the next drum sample pack, or the next $10,000/song mix engineer. The record sounds like the best possible live scenario. I have found that it’s these very artists that make the biggest impression on me not only on record, but also live, as their sound and energy remains virtually unchanged from record to playing live. They’re just as tight, sound just as groovy, balanced, and the energy remains just the same. Something that can be a lackluster element with a lot of artists today. Needless to say, I’m digging how organic this record sounds. If you enjoy the early days of hip-hop and rap, this one’s for you.


That’s all for now! Let us know what you think of our suggestions and feel free to share what you’re listening to! We’ll see you next week. Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 60 (December 9th, 2018)

We made it to 60!


I’ve got a handful of things for ya this week. I’m gonna keep these brief, but informative. Just trying to switch it up. Lemme know if you like it!

Let’s start with FEVER 333’s single “Burn It”. I absolutely love the wall of sound that this song is. Paying tribute to struggling people in oppressed and underprivileged communities with elements of active rock, hardcore, alternative and modern hip-hop. Jason (the frontman of the band) is notorious for his energy and performances since his days with Letlive. There is just so much going on with this song it took me a couple listens to really digest it fully. The bright, wide crackling guitars are actually face-melting. They much remind me of Aiming For Enrike, whom I had written about in What’s Making Our “Heartbeat” - Week 8. Drums pack a massive punch are feature an awesome tamed, roomy tone during the verses to contrast the aggression in the choruses. I’ve also picked up on a ton of samples, industrial sounds and contemporary hip-hop elements throughout the songs. The bass in this song sounds straight up massive and carries the heavy weight during the choruses, resulting in a lager than life sound. Jordan’s distorted vocals have become sort of his signature, I feel, on anything he puts his hands on. Something about the way they grit up his performances actually add a perfect texture and energy to his already glowing presence. Total banger, eh fer sure brah! 🤙🏻


Next, we have Courtney Barnett’s song called “Nameless, Faceless” off of “Tell Me How You Really Feel”. This is one of those songs where a female singer can sound pissed off without screaming. The riff and the lyrics really carry the message well enough on their own. I love her deadpan lyrical style accompanied by a “rambling” like delivery. The song begins with dissonant chords going down the scale, ultimately landing in a very nice sounding, easy going verse. Little do you know, the are soon to be countered by an explosive chorus with distorted guitars, megaphone-like vocals, crunchy, driving bass and smashing drums. One more thing that I found to be a little “cherry on top” is the way that the recording does a tape slow down effect at the end. It’s rather subtle, but really enjoyable. Overall, it’s a super fun song, and you will have an easy time finding yourself putting it on replay.


Saved the best for last. This one is totally biased, but you’re here reading this so here we go! La Dispute (my favorite band) has officially announced their new record. It will be titled “Panorama” and you can bet I had already pre-ordered it. Alongside of these wonderful news, they dropped an intro to the album along with a single. The two songs are titled “Rose Quartz” and “Fulton Street I”. “Rose Quartz” is an entirely new sound that I had never heard come from this band. It’s a key-based atmospheric introduction that has a veery translucent sound to it. I imagine that the band wants you to get into an transcendent state of mind in order for the rest of the songs to take full effect. Dare I say it has a quality to it you can find in many tracks used for meditational purposes. Being that they are a very dynamic band, that take on very hard-hitting topics and deliver them in an emotionally stirring way, I can see where this intro is fueled by a very artistic motive. The song end with a very cacophonous sounding loop. This carries on as part of the second track “Fulton Street I”. You soon hear a signature "La Dispute sound when a clean electric guitar begins to play the core motif of the song. It is then accompanier by Jordan’s (singer) murmur as the song begins to bloom. Then bass, percussion, keys, and a swelly guitar come in to further fill up the space. The tune then gets a massive spike in energy as hard tom hits accent now crunchy, rung out chords, ripping bass and now the screamed, spoken-word vocals are introduced to the picture. It then dies back town to guitar and marching snares on either side of the stereo spectrum. The build up recycles itself, now in amore melodic and complex way. The song ends in a tom hit that resonates throughout the room and the discordant noise we heard in the intro comes back as if to make a full circle. I personally can not wait until this record comes out, I’ve been waiting 4+ years for this and man, I have a feeling it is going to be much worth the wait. The two songs were also joined by a music video which was directed and animated by an Ohio based Sarah Schmidt. A wonderful, low frame rate, trippy, colorful video following a doe and it’s heart-palpitating adventures as it travels through a forest, then a road in the middle of the woods, as well as an interstate highway in the desert. You many listen and watch below!


Okay, thank you all for tuning in this week. I’ll be back next week as I have tons more to share with you. Let me know how you’ve enjoyed this week’s rendition! Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 59 (November 27th, 2018)

Let’s bring you guys up to speed a bit, shall we?

Last week I did not end up posting a mix comparison, nor a blog over the weekend. Strange, right? Seems like it’d be the perfect time to do it around a holiday. I was planning on doing that and then, well…. life happened. Having a ton of technical issues with my computer along with working a bunch led to me just saying ‘Fuck it, I need a break anyway”. Generally speaking that is not good enough of an excuse in my book, but I took time off anyway. I quickly forgave myself and moved on. A few days later Thanksgiving happened and my family had a serious medical emergency scare. Don’t worry, everyone is fine and dandy! The next morning I was thrown right back into 3 consecutive days of work, which historically were some of our busiest this year.

Ok, enough bitching though. It was some difficult times, so I took the time I needed. They’re gone now, so let’s look at some goodies I’ve got waitin’ for you!

I have no idea how she’s gone under my radar all this time, but in the last couple weeks I’ve been finding myself listening to Pheobe Bridgers quite often. Her latest record was released on September 22nd, 2017 and is titled “Stranger In the Alps”. It is truly a collection of soft, dramatic and emotionally stirring songs. With arrangements being prevalent in acoustic guitar, clean electric, swelling effects, piano and strings it is easy to imagine that a soft female vocal would be the perfect accompaniment, as is the case here. My favorites are “Georgia” and “You Missed My Heart”. Good listen for a rainy day, solo nights walking around town, something to listen to before sleep. It’s one of those albums you imagine hearing when you take a moment to appreciate everything around you.


Next up, our Alumni Andy Shauf makes his second appearance on here with his side project Foxwarren and their self-titled album. The project has been rather long standing, but Andy’s ever-growing presence at the (now) forefront of the Canadian indie rock has been eatin’ up some his time to say the least. With that said, they managed to put out this gem! Andy seems to continue the 70’s inspired production throughout his work. This album is no exception! His ability to self-produce some of the most ear-pleasing records today is impeccable! He has a profound talent when it comes to arrangement, sound design, thematic timing and truly utilizing one’s stereo space. As usual, the vocal work on this album is filled with an abundance of harmonies that leaves you breathless. The guy has unbeatable control of his voice. The dynamics of everything play so well with the emotional imprint the songs make as well. My favorites include “To Be”, “Everything Apart”, “Lost on You”, “Sunset Canyon” and “Give It a Chance”.


Lastly, I have not been able to put down Drug Church’s new album titled “Cheer”. If you don’t know this band, or what it is about, the opener song “Grubby” is the perfect paints a vivd picture within seconds. Best way I can describe it is a mix of power pop, punk rock, and hardcore. They are not afraid to get heavy and fast, but the riffs have an innate and unavoidable catchy quality to them. Slamming drums, clanky bass and fat, distorted guitars and saturated vocals create an unescapable wall of sound that really, just makes you wanna headbang along to the beat. Patrick’s vocal delivery is one that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Most of the time they’re not on any particular pitch, but rather just yelling, but the energy they hold is brute. To many band like them edit everything to all hell nowadays. With these NY based guys, you are sure to hear that they’re just a tight band with a locked-in groove. Nothing is over produced, they’re just good songs with an abiding feel. Personal favorite's includeGrubby”, “Avoidarama”, “Weed Pin”, “Foam Pit” and “Tillary”. If you’re looking for something that’s considerably more ‘in-your-face’ than the other two features, look no further, we’ve got you covered!


Let us know if you’ve enjoyed these suggestions as much as we did! We’ll see yo next week. Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 58 (November 16th, 2018)

Another week behind, huh? Well the weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate with some new music!

This week I have yet another very special project called Four Seconds Ago. The band consists of a duo: Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen. You may have heard of those names being tossed around within the contemporary metal scene, but let me assure you that this about is the furthest thing from metal. If you are familiar with their work in Periphery, you’re already aware of how talented these two are. Both are accomplished guitar players with a love for genres that don’t necessarily include any guitars. The two have been dipping their feet in writing electronic music for a while now. In addition, Misha has been known to dabble in writing classical music along with soundtracks. Their talents spill over from writing into their productions too! With dense arrangements, they seem to always have clean and clear mixes with a jaw dropping width, depth and feel. On September 28th, 2018 they dropped their first full-length album, one that was much anticipated. Half of the record includes instrumental songs, while the other half features heavily processed vocals. My guess is that this is both an artistic and a strategic move on their part, as it appeals to a wider audience, but also really serves the songs when vocals are present. Some of my favorites off the album include: “Galaxy”, “Listening Post Alpha”, “Over and Out”, “The Revenge”, “The Great Silence” and the album’s title track “The Vacancy”. With influences spanning from Electro, to Dance, to Techno, to Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, to Synth Wave this album is an all-encompassing sea of genre-bending goodness. It is a record you can dance to, bop your head to, take long drives to, or even work out to. I can not wait for their next release though I believe that it will be surpassed by a new Periphery record. You can count of us reviewing both of those in the future!


I haven’t been able to put this puppy down so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

PS: Went to a La Dispute show tonight for their Circe Survive and Queen Of Jeans tour. The show as absolutely amazing. Being that I am completely bias, as they are my favorite band, they never let me down when I see them live. Here’s some crappy photos I took of them while screaming my heart out in the middle of a mosh pit. You can buy their 10 year anniversary limited edition of “Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between the Vega and Altair” vinyl here. Hurry, they’re running out fast! This re-amped, re-mixed and re-mastered album is a beautiful tribute to their work and brings out a new life from older songs. If you’re into them, it’s a must!


Well, I hope I’ve left you with enough to keep your ears busy, we’ll talk soon next week! Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 57 (November 9th, 2018)

Servin’ up some hot jams peeps! Gather ‘round!

Let’s start off with a Alumni, shall we? Scott Ruth has made a “Ruth-less” come back with a single titled “Feel the Same”. Last time we had mentioned him, we featured his single” Are You There”. Now, he is back with a moving follow up. Wonderful vocal harmonies, choruses, string arrangements, add new depths to the otherwise 4-piece like arrangement. Scott has mastered the use of keenly picking instruments and their respective melodies, to provoke the listener’s emotions. From what I interpret from the song, it’s something of a memoir of realizations about a non-reciprocal relationship. It’s about giving it your all to someone and wondering if they “Feel the Same”. With the lyrics being just as poetic and touching as the music, this song has an easy time making it into the hearts of the listeners. Now pump those speakers, and make sure you have a box of tissues with you!


Next up, we’ve got D.C.R. Pollock. He has just released a new album, titled “Young Buck”. Him and his brother Jake have been known in the Orange County scene to produce gems. This album embraces the odd. I do not think that there is one “typical” sound, progression, or melody throughout this album. It constantly keeps you on your toes and paying attention, surprising you with new elements every step of the way. I am particularly fond of the vocal production on this record. It is so unique and unlike anything I’ve heard in along time, perhaps ever. One will have an easy time picking out clear influences from old and contemporary hip-hop productions, but with a one-of-a-kind twist. I feel that D.C.R. is offering a twist to the local scene. One that I would compare to what Tunde Adebimpe has made to alternative music. This album is unusual in the most wonderful way. Personal favorite tracks include: “Christmas in October”, “Revolutions Etc.”, “Hank Williams”, “Cold Tub” and “Young Buck”. I can honestly say I’d recommend this album to anyone, because I am convinced that anyone will be able to find something they like.


Well, that’s all for now! Let us know what you think of these tunes and we will see you next week! Until then, don’t forget to…

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 56 (November 2nd, 2018)

Hope everyone had an awesome week and that your Halloween was the spookiest one yet! With that said, we’re gonna jump right into it!


We are starting you folks off with a brand new and highly anticipated album from All Get Out titled “No Bouquet”. This is their firth record to date, and I must say I have yet to be let down by them. Despite the fact that only two members of the band have remained, their music is as unshaken as their perseverance. Currently touring with a backing band, they are known to put on incredibly deep and personal performances. Having seen them myself, I can easily attest to that. The music they write has always carried a ton of emotion weight behind it, and it becomes rather evident during their live performances. Nathan’s vocals have always screamed nothing but honesty and passion to me. Accompanied by tremendously wonderful lyrics, it’s a deadly combo I’ll tell ya! Personal favorites off this album include: “God Damn”, “Survive”, “Archives” and “First Contact”. I’m very stoked on the sound of this record overall as well. The mixes a crisp, clean, but dirty and aggressive when they need to be. The guitar tones on this record absolutely amazing. The record overall has an incredible sense of depth that is subtle, but noticeable (at least to my ears). It gels well together, and I must say that I’m particularly fond of it sounding a bit more “live”. Though man records have been made to encompass an augmented version of the song, All Get Out’s records have always remained true (if you will). There’s not hard-tuned vocals, there’s no overtly done effects that could not be recreated live. It is absolutely a one-time, best case scenario capture of the songs, however, I strongly feel like they will be able to sound and deliver these songs live almost “to a T” as they were crafted in a way that closely resembles a live feel. Nothing but good things to say about this record, please, go listen to it as it is absolutely fantastic!


That’s all we’ve got for ya this week! You can bet we have some more suggestions in store for you next week!

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 55 (October 26th, 2018)

Alright, got a few things for ya today!

Let’s start off with an Los Angeles based trio hip-hop group called LA QOOLSIDE. I got the please of seeing these guys in July last year, when they played with Roah Summit. Though the two sound entirely different, they both put on an amazing show in their way, respectively. Our friends in Roah have a much more mellow, ambient indie vibe, whereas QOOLSIDE have theyr roots settled in hip-hop. Outside of the sonics, their live performances are something else. They really know how to wake up a room and get people bouncing up and down.

On October 12th, 2018, LA QOOLSIDE had put out a new single called “Mustard Mustang”. It’s amuch more “QOOL”ed down songs when compared to their previous releases (see what I did there?). The trio features two twin brothers and a female singer, whose vocals are featured for this song. Her very smooth, but distorted voice comes through clearly featuring her unique style while delay heavy guitar strums western-like toned chords. A hip-hop beat supports the songs along-side a heavy, sub-rich bass. I love the overly-crunchy back-ups that occur now and then, the stereo delay that throws off your perception of space in your stereo spectrum, and light pads that support the guitar melody, honestly… there’s so many nuances my ears are pleased about it’s maddening! A round of applause to the people involved with this project, I tip my beanie at ya! Here is a fantastic music video that they had released to accompany their single. Now, get watchin’ and get listenin’

Moving on,

Earlier this year, durning my Europe travels, I got to finally meet up in person with Martyna Koloniec. About two years ago she helped another one of our Alumni, the fine folks at Fellow Bohemian create a music video for one of their songs. Martyna is an independent stop-motion animation artist and character designer. Everything she puts out is done solely by her two hands and her brilliant DIY mind. Believe me, I’ve seen her do it fist hand. Now, I got to see a little glimpse of the project I’m about to tell you about back in April, so you see, it takes a long time for these things to get finished, but the end product is well worth it. The latest music video she had created was for a band called Aviations and their song “Lullaby”. They are a Progressive Rock/Metal band with a liking for very theatrical arrangements and melodies. I’m incredibly proud of Martyna and all her efforts so please, show her some love! You can check out the featured music video below.

With that, I leave you all until next time! I hope you guys have an awesome week, and that you like this weeks features. Leave a comment, or a suggestion down below, and make sure to come back next week! Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 54 (October 19th, 2018)

Back, and in 5th gear!

The first artist featured this week is a dear friend of mine, Tyler Buhman, known as Ty. He had just released his new album that features both original songs aw well as covers that pay tribute to some Rock legends he’s inspired by. The album consists of 10 songs, 5 of which are covers, the other 5 being the originals. Ever since I’ve known him, Ty’s approach was never about perfectionism or a polished product, rather about feel, unique aesthetic and the message. HIs ability to write catchy riffs and write some truly amazing lyrics has been shining through for a long time now. The album is called “LittleRedDotonKashmir” and features nothing but him, his guitar, a harmonica, and a tambourine here and there. There’s something to be said about how well hi music is able to keep the listeners attention despite reusing the same instruments throughout the album. Personal favorite track has to be Track 2 titled “Older Things”. Perhaps it’s just something that I personally identify with in the lyrics. My interpretation is that it’s about a shift of perspective as we approach or dwell in a middle of a quarter-life crisis. In any case, I highly recommend you take a listen to this album. In fact, I encourage you to check out his entire discography, as every album he’s put out is quite different from the last. I’m willing to bet you’ll find something you like.


The second artist is a bit of a comeback. I meant to write about this album a few months back, but somehow, it escaped me until it recently resurfaced in my library. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bloc Party. No?… I think you have, let me refresh your memory.

After making waves with their debut album “Silent Alarm” back in 2005, they have been heard in countless commercials, ads, Guitar Hero competitions, etc. They had something truly special as they were one of the staple bands that paved the way and direction for indie music that was to follow in the coming years. Since then they have released four more albums, and take two hiatuses in between them. With only two out of four original members remaining, Bloc Party is still very much active today. What I wanted to talk about is their latest release, which came out in 2016. If I may say so myself, the band has fallen off the radar some since their debut release. Perhaps due to the multiple hiatuses that occurred in between few of the records? Who knows. The point is that they have not lost their mojo. After listening to “Hymns”, their 2016 release, I was quite stunned. This album includes songs that capture contemporary Pop sound, Indie-Rock, as well as moments of dance and experimental music. At times I feel like my mind is taken to something Björk has written, other times it resembles more of a Radiohead vibe, other times it’s The Weekend. In the end it’s Bloc Party. i truly appreciate the way that they have changed over the years, and the direction they are headed, creatively. There is not a song son this album that I do not like, so do yourself a favor and take a listen. Let’s see if you’re able to reach the same verdict.


“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 53 (October 12th, 2018)

Okay, so maybe I skipped a week? But here’s a really good reason why…

Last week, I had to fly over to Boise, Idaho, in order to see our beloved videographers Adam and Macarah get married! I had never been to Boise, so to say I was excited would be an understatement. Not to mention, the morning after the arrival, I drove three hours into the mountains to a town called Stanley, ID, where the reception and the ceremony took place. Here’s just a few amazing moments moments from the day of the wedding…

It was a wonderful time, where I got to meet many great, new people and spend some quality time with old friends. To the happy couple: I love you both dearly. You make me incredibly proud and I cannot wait to see you guys grow and develop as a couple, as a family, as friends, and professionals. Cheers to you guys! Smooches from California!

The group breakfast the morning after the wedding was accompanied by good people and stunning views. The ride back to Boise was filled with equally jaw-dropping sights. Once we were back in the city, we took a little rest at the couple’s house, decompressed, got some food and got to see Tiger’s Jaw perform at the Neurolux, along with Cherry and The Sidekicks. As per usual, the show was amazing, no surprise there. Here’s some photos from that day, as well as Adam’s video from the show!

“Okay, I get it, it was amazing and I’m so jealous, can we hear about some music now?”

… Well yes, I was just getting to that.

While traveling I stumbled across an artists I have never heard of before, and ended up listening to their latest album on a loop for 3 days straight. Yeah, you COULD call me obsessive, it’s fine. In any case the artist is AM & Shawn Lee, and the album is called “Outlines”. The project is a collaboration of AM (an acclaimed DJ/artist) and Shawn Lee (well known artist/producer). Together they make up a power duo whose music can’t be summed up into one genre (at least in my opinion). With clear influences of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it is a very tasty musical concoction. It includes anything from Soul inspired arrangements to Disco based grooves and production, to Psychedelic Rock soundscapes. Though already 3 years old, it is one of the most impressive, organic, and truly vintage sounding records in the best possible way. It’s easy to discern that the instruments were played well, and the sounds were captured exactly as they were meant to be “on the way in”. There is something truly special about music that has been performed and captured this way, as it hold a certain level of integrity in people’s heart sand perhaps more importantly, in the listener’s ears. ‘Bravo!’ to AM & Shawn Lee for making it to my top 5 records I’ve heard this year. I honestly wish I had heard your music sooner.


… and with that, I leave you until next week. I promise, I won’t just go disappear again. I hope you have enjoyed this little update on what I’ve been up to and what my ears have been hearing. Let me know what you’ve been listening too and feel free to share if you enjoyed my suggestion. Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 52 (September 28th, 2018)

Back again with more music for you!

This one is more of a tribute to an Alumni that was featured a handful weeks ago. I am talking about the one and only Mr. Jordan Lovelis of course! We had mentioned his single “Hey Diane!”, but now the time has come for the grand finale… Jordan has finally released his new EP titled “Midnight Dream” two days ago, on September 26th. I would’ve written about it the day of, but I figured this is a more appropriate of a mention. In any case, we now get to hear the four singles he had released up to date along with two new songs titles “All I’d Ever Need” and “Minneapolis Blues”. I, personally, enjoy even the sheer fact that we get to hear these songs in the “intended” order”. If you have seen this man live, you will find these to be familiar tunes, as he has been performing them before the release of this EP. As mentioned in the other post, Jordan's music calm, poetic, and hold an optimistic feel. With relatable lyrics, vintage-styled production, and folk-like song structures it’s (for lack of better expression) "music to my ears”…


Next we got a totally different flavor for you. On September 21st, 2018 BROCKHAMPTON dropped a new album called “iridescence”. According to many interviews, this mega-group felt very inspired during the writing process of this album. They explore the topic of how fame influences an artists as an individual multiple times throughout the album, in many interesting ways. Some more literal and straight forward than others. Nevertheless, the production style of BROCKHAMPTON remains untainted and pure despite major label involvement. Sometimes, you just need to put on a banger and this album delivers a bunch! Personal favorites include “NEW ORLEANS”, “WEIGHT”, “TAPE”, “TONYA”, “DISTRICT” and “FABRIC”. With 15 songs making the entirety of the album, you have plenty to choose from yourself. One of the many things I’ve always admired about their music is that they’re able to go from traditional gangster rap, to more of a mellow, soulful songs without the listener thinking twice about it. Add it to your weekend/party playlist, and make sure to have a good time!


Enjoy your weekend y’all and make sure to give these a listen! Let us know what you think and If you have some suggestions feel free to leave a comment! Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 51 (September 14th, 2018)

Welcome back to “What’s Making Our Heartbeat”!

Ready for another mouthful of jams? Good, ‘cause here we go!

We’re kicking it off with Rozwell Kid. Recently, I’ve rediscovered them. I used to listen to them back in my college days but for some reason stopped. It seems like my ears were craving their music recently, and after doing some diggin’ my love for them has resurfaced. Their fourth and latest full length (“Precious Art”)has totally gone over my head, as it was released back in 2017. Up to now, some of my favorite tracks included “Kangaroo Pocket”, “Halloween 3.5”, “Armadillo”, “Birthday Sombrero” (all off of “To Shabby”) and “Baby’s First Sideburns” (off of the “Good Graphics” EP). With the new record, I must say that I love that they’re now going for amore “organic” sound if you will. Things sound just a bit more raw in the best way. In terms of production I’ve been stoked on some of the tones achieved on this album. For a power-pop band, often being compared to Weezer they’ve been more and more ambitious as time goes on, it seems like. My favorite tracks are “Boomerang”, “UHF on DVD” and “Gameball”. It’s not often that you come across bands like these, where they can hold up really good power-pop songs with every record, but be equally as transparent, and even comedic. With songs like “Booger” (off their latest record) will leave you in tears considering that the lyrics include parts like:

"I had a finger deep inside my noseI was digging through a lonely sceneIn here waiting all day for your callI just sit around and pick it cleanWhen I finally felt that mobile buzzI didn't even wait to hear it ring[Chorus 1]And I swiped to answerAnd shouted, "Hello"And I got a booger on my screen"

Overall, this band is a blast and they have yet to let me down with any of their releases. I have a feeling they won’t let you down either.


Next, I give you A Beacon School. A 2009 born, indie-alterntive band from New York City, NY. Up until March, 2018, they had release 2 demo songs (2011) both of which reoccur in a much more ‘produced’ fashion in their EP (2012) along with four more songs. Finally, after 6 years, they release their latest album called “Cola”. Unfortunately, in order to find any previous releases, you will have to head over to their band camp page, as they are not available on Apple Music. But, rest assured that “Cola” is available everywhere. My favorite tuned include “It’s Late”, “J Cult”, “Algernon”, “Hum” and “Stay Away”. With 8 tracks the record is short and sweet, and most importantly it leaves you wanting MORE. I’ve been really appreciative of the different styles and genres that melt together within this record. Personally, I hear some “Phoenix” in there, some “The Smiths”, some “Temper Trap”, some sample based music, and some straight up 80’s punk. It’s a very original sound and I’ve been liking it more and more with every time I listen to it.


That’s all I’ve got fo you this week, but trust me, I always have something up my sleeve for the next time around! Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 50 (September 14th, 2018)

First off, thank you for following me for the last 50 weeks, I hope that I have both expanded your music palette, as well as made it happy. Stick around for many more of these to come!

This week I’m kicking things off with a brand new find. It’s a Philly, female fronted indie band that has stolen my heart virtually immediately. They are: Hop Along. Originally formed in 2004, and formerly known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis, they now have 3 EP’s and 4 albums under their belt. Since I have found out about this band only a handful of days ago, I have managed to listen to 3 albums so far. All of which were freakin’ great! On April 6th, earlier this year, they had released their latest album, titled “Bark Your Head Off, Dog”. The opener track (“How Simple") of the record served as a single release in January, earlier that same year. Across their discography I’ve been amazed with Frances’ (lead vocals, guitar) vocal dynamic range. She is able to convey a breathy, intimate, almost timid vocal, yet is not shy to let her vocal chords rip through the speakers in a Janis Joplin-like manner. The band tends to play around with 8th and 16th note rhythms (admittedly my favorite) across all the instruments, jumping between indie and pop-reminiscent grooves and melodies. After this many years, I strongly feel that the band has truly been able to push and augment Frances’ performances. When she gets intense, they get intense. When she cools things down, they cool it down. I’m under the impression that that is also just an innate part of their songwriting, having many rises and falls, but I’m just really impressed how accurate the depict these movements and tension rises and releases. I’d recommend this band to virtually anyone. It’s easy to listen to, energetic, deep, and most importantly: fun.


The next one is one of those curveball features, I’m talking about, of course, Chilly Gonzales, a Canadian solo artist who had made his mark in Germany. As a son of Hungarian Jew who was forced to migrate during WWII, Gonzo has created a fruitful career around his passion for music as a 1st generation citizen. After realizing that the Canadian scene was holding him back, he had moved to Berlin, despite not knowing any German. He quickly blossomed in the local scene and began being known as the “President of the Berlin Underground”, later adopting the name Chilly Gonzales in ‘99. Since then he has been associated with acts such as Drake, Daft Punk, Björk, Peaches, Mocky and many more. What I wanted to feature is a moving live performance. Just the man, his piano, and an audience. I find these types of pieces rather soothing, and enjoy the fact that they reflect just how diverse and capable the artist really is, outside of the well-know pieces or collaborations. Mind you the video is from 2004, but I think it captures a truly beautiful melody with no problem. Enjoy!

For now that’s it, but will see you next week! Make sure to let us know what you think of these suggestions. Until then,

“Stay cool, stay Collective.”

- Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 49 (September 7th, 2018)

Oh boy! Three days late Kamil, really?

Sorry about that. Sometimes that thing happens and just throws you a curveball or two, what’s it called? Oh yeah, LIFE. Either way, everything’s cool and we are back to the regular scheduled programming.

Following last weeks features, I went down the rabbit hole when doing some research with what WU LYF has been up to. I have come to find out that the singer (Ellery James Roberts) has formed a new project. It is called Lost Under Heaven and it's the first feature this week. Their new album is to be released January 18th, 2019, and it’s titled “Love Hates What You Become”. Since their last release in 2016, they’ve been hard at work. Their previous release, titled “Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing”was produced by Björk, so you know it’s good. For now, we have been blessed with 3 songs off of their upcoming release. “Bunny’s Blues” is perhaps my favorite. The music video for the single was released on May 2nd, 2018. It’s on of the most interesting music videos I’ve seen in a while. Feel free to give it a watch below and keep on the look out for when the album drops!


This second one is pretty special in my book, as we make a ‘full circle’ moment just before we hit 50 weeks of “What’s Making Our Heartbeat”. In the first blog post ever I had written about a British punk band called IDLES. Well, the time has come and they have made another release. It is called “Joy as an Act of Resistance.” It’s 12 wonderful songs, starting with one of their singles “Colossus” and ends with a song “Rottweiler”. My favorite songs are “Colossus”, “Never Fight a Man With a Perm”, “Danny Nedelko”, “Samaritans” and “Great”. IDLES is one of my favorite modern punk bands so I feel like I don’t even have to explain myself with this one. Go listen to it, start some pits, speed on on the highway, take another shot.


That’s it for now. Number 50 next week, so make sure to tune in! Stay frosty,

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 48 (August 31st, 2018)

Well, well, well...

I see you! Back for more, ey? It just so happens I've got a little somethin' somethin' for ya this week.

We begin in a far away country of Armenia, 1987, where Tigran Hamasyan was born. Recently featured in a Pallet Sessions video, Tigran is an accomplished piano player, having won multiple of some of the most district and honored awards for Jazz piano performances. The song performed during this session is called "Lilac" and can also be hear on his 2015 album titled "Mockroot". Over the years Tigran has developed an astounding appreciation to his native culture. His songs reflect it so through his melodies, movements, titles, etc. It's a beautiful tribute to a country that has seen so much hardship over the years. To my ears, this particular song stems from classic Armenian music, classical piano, jazz, rock, and Eastern European regions. Since Armenia had officially broken off from the Soviet rule in 1991, Tigran got to experience the life under the regime and it's aftermath. This very thing, mixed with Armenian culture, meshed with a dash of the Western Rock of the 20th century truly reflects in his music. I am slowly making my way through his entire discography and I must admit that no release has bored me at any moment. Every song is different than the last one, yet bonded by it's staple instrument: the piano.  Feel free to check out the live session and/or his discography below. Happy listening!

This second feature is a bit of a throwback for me.I recently rediscovered my love for the band WU LYF. A Manchester, England based band that unfortunately no longer exist had released their one and only album titled "Go Tell Fire to the Mountain" in 2011, and has essentially stayed quiet since. That said it's members have gone onto form new projects such as Los Porcos, Francis Lung, LUH and Dream Lovers. I got to hear the LP  back in September 2011, just months after it came out and immediately I was hooked. The band steered away from conventional studio recording, and self-produced the entire album in an abandoned church in Ancoats, Manchester. This created a very reverb heavy sound that because very much a living, breathing part of the album's vibe. With very dynamic parts consisting of a smooth bass guitar, spring-reverb clean guitars, church organs, piano and entirely unique vocals, they had put together a recording unlike I've ever heard before, and since. Ellery Robert's (lead singer) vocals are scratchy and, to some, lyrically indistinguishable. With that in mind, I promise that he is in fact singing in English. His vocals truly make you wonder whether his voice naturally sounds like that, or if he supplements with a healthy dose of cigarettes a day. In any case, their performances are magnified by the sound of the church itself, resulting in a very bombastic sound. Ever since I heard this band they somehow manage to creep in and resurface into my summer jams every year. Hurry and give them a listen while the sun's still out!


Hope you enjoy this week's tunes and don't forget to let me know what you think! I promise, I don't bite. Well, too hard anyway... It's playful. See you next week!

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 47 (August 24th, 2018)

Another week of groovy tunes y'all!

Kicking it off with a New York synth-pop band called Porches, headed by Aaron Maine. A few months back, I caught a glimpse of one of his songs live off of one of my friends Snapchat stories (yes... off of Snapchat), and the tune caught my ear instantly. I asked them who it was, and the rest is history. I decided to listen through his discography and the first song up was called "Car". That day I must've listened to it at least 10 times over. The song is much more "rock" structured, fearing a full band consisting of keys, guitar, drums, bass and obviously vocals. One can depict influences such as Joy Division and The Smiths, as the tune carries a similar vibe. Modulating synths and chorused guitars dominate the speakers, sending you back in time to the 80's. An additional treat with this song is it's music video. It has got to be one of the most "American Apparel" looking sets I've ever seen (in the best possible way). With red and blue lights battling in a completely white room, reversed shots, and synchronized choreography it is difficult not to be taken by it's charm. "Car" is the 9th song off of their 2016 release titled "Pool". The rest of the album is sonically equally reminiscent of the 80's decade, with clear hints of house, rock, dance and contemporary electronic music. Porches has since released an EP, 2 singles, and a full-length, all of which are absolutely amazing. Everything you need is right below and a click away.


Piggy-backing off of the 80's vibes, we jumping to Brighton, UK where Illiterate has been featured on a new mixtape titled "YGCBEATS002". The song is called "Descending" and it's only 1:33! It's super short but the movement of all the elements is mesmerizing to say the least. There is something about the marriage between the beat, the bass, the keys and the guitars that glues them together inseparably. Maybe I'm just a sucker to slow tempo hip-hop beats with a vinyl crackle, but there is truly something magical to the way the instruments move and sometimes even shake in this genre. Perhaps also the lack of vocals works to it's advantage here (as it always should with instrumental songs). The listener's attention is constantly kept on the instruments at hand, as opposed to a lyric, or a vocal melody. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!


If these two aren't "summer vibes" enough for you? Well, tune in next week for some more. Until then, 

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 46 (August 17th, 2018)

Welcome back! 

Another triple decker coming your way this week, so buckle up everyone.

For starters, MeithoutYou has released a new single called "Julia (or, 'Holy to the LORD' on the Bells of Horses)". A mouthful, right? Well, don't let that lead you astray. I've been listening to these guys since around 2009, and even then they had already three albums and an EP under their belt. MewithouYou is a very interesting band. The singer (Aaron) and his guitarist brother (Michael) were raised in a household that practiced Islam, after their mother had converted from Christianity, and their father from Judaism. With imagery and lyrical themes pulled from all these faiths, and spoken word vocals, they always deliver messages that stick. With energetic drums, a plethora of guitar tones, and tight bass lines, they have yet to let me down with anything they've put out. On August 13th, 2018, they had released the "Julia" single, which began a countdown for the pre-order of the new record. The record was produced by Will Yip (one of my personal favorites), and is currently available for pre-order as of today. Click the button below to find out more! 

"Julia" begins with a crunchy guitar riff playing on its own. Soon after, the entire ensemble hits at the same time, creating a wide, thick, but spacious wall of sound. Will Yip (the producer) has always impressed me with his perception of space on the records he is involved in. He has mastered the utilization of the rooms in his studio to create, and preserve, an incredibly organic, clean and three dimensional picture of the performances. Though the songs do sound like a finished, commercial-worthy record, there is something to be said for the integrity of the sound that lives within them. Vocally, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Aaron (the vocalist) sing in the lower register for the majority of the song. That very melody is layered with higher harmonies, and later, even screams, which add a phenomenal texture to the song. The song has a series of great (and what seem to be very intentional) dynamic changes, where during verses there are sudden stops. Guitars play nothing but reverb heavy harmonics, making for more of a pad-like sound, which serves as a more drowned-out and relaxing tone. Until the choruses, vocals come closer to whispers than anything else, thus creating tension and a sense of urgency for the choruses. About half way into the song our ears are blessed with a very grundgey, fuzzy guitar solo, followed by another, much more hard-hitting verse and ending with a chorus. Overall, I cannot wait for this new album to come out, and I hope you feel the same after hearing this single for yourself. You know what to do now ;).


As a follow up, we have a Long Beach based band called Half Alive. I am proud to say the I am good friends with the lead singer (and visionary) of this band, Mr. Josh Taylor. After having disband his old project The Moderates (2009-2013) Josh dove deep into songwriting. After a few years of hard work, he had re-vamped his artistic juices and was ready to show the world what he's been up to. He then teamed up with J Tyler and Brett, creating a power trio. Having released 3 singles last year, which fell more under the modern pop-rock sound with hip-hop elements, he took it an entirely different direction with  their latest release. Funny enough "Still Feel", the single, came from the very era of Josh's deep dive of songwriting. Having rented a studio to complete his self-set 50-song challenge, "Still Feel" ended up as number 11. In the end, the song ended up as a 70's inspired tune that you are bound to dance to, no exceptions. But that's not all! Outside being an incredible song-writer and performer, for years josh had studied and practiced videography. In fact, every single music video with his last two projects has been created by the man himself. This one, is no exception. Arguably, the music video for this song is his most ambitious work to date. The space the shoot was done in may look familiar to you, as it did serve as the "Bat Cave" in the movies "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises". With colorful lights, continuous shots, incredible choreography and top-notch costuming, done by no there than Madeline Turner, this video is nothing short of stunning. Kudos to everyone involved, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next! Having reached over a million views after only two weeks, you could say they're on their way to some big-time success. Please, do YOURSELF a favor and check out the music video below.


Last, but not least, we have a local band called Commonwealth  with their new single "Fear". Based out of Orange County, they bring a fresh take on post-hardcore music. "Fear" is the opener track off their new record called "Everyone Around Me". With 10 more songs awaiting in this release, you are sure to find something you like. The song  begins with a pad-like sound that slowly introduces a guitar riff. Distant vocals put you in a certain space, as if alone in a cave. Next thing you know, the whole band comes in at a louder volume, creating a very boomy and 'in your face" type of a feel. Tyler's (singer) vocals break up just a bit when belting the higher notes, reminiscent of Aaron Gillespie of Underøath or Patrick Miranda of Movements. Something that escaped me the first time I had hear this song, was how good the bass riffs actually are. Most times, the bass in post-hardcore bands tends to be over simplified, and doing not much, other than supporting the guitars. After a few listens, I realized that the bass in this song is pretty incredible, so if you're a bassist, keep an ear out! Drums deliver that punchy, tight and modern sound. Plenty of 16th not goodness lies here my friends. Groovy fills, bombastic toms, funky hi-hat patters, it's all there! The guitars steer away from hi-gain amp sounds, let alone palm-muted chugs, but rather gravitate toward crunchy British voicing for the very melodic parts. I'm super stocked to hear the rest of the album. It comes out October 5th, but you can pre-order it now using the links below. 


I hope I have left your ears satisfied for the week, and you can bet I'll see you in the next! Until then, let us know what you think of these songs, and don't forget to

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team

What's Making Our "Heartbeat" - Week 45 (August 9th, 2018)

Oh boy, here we go again!

Today is a triple threat y'all, so better get ready!

First off, "mah boi" Marcelo Rossil, otherwise known as Marcelo! has released another single off his debut album which was engineered, produced and mixed by yours truly. Shameless plug? Maybe so, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a great song. When I first heard the demo of this song, I immediately knew what kind of sound I wanted to go for. Within milliseconds I pictured this song to have this contemporary "Hollywood" ballad-esc feel. Bright, strummy acoustics, warm, beefy bass, punchy drums, upfront, bright vocal, and rippin' guitars. Let's not forget the cherries on top: a grand piano and a string section. I am a sucker for pretty much any and all of those elements. This was the first full length record I had ever worked on, and we first  began to put in the hours for the project November of 2016, and finished up around Spring 2017. Personally, I have learned a ton. From how to deal with multiple personalities in the studio, to having to work under time constraints (like tracking drums for 9 songs in 10 hrs... Trust me, that's not a lot), to how to better communicate with artists and understand their vision, not to mention  how to properly edit drums, guitars, vocals etc. (made a ton of mistakes with those, don't even get me started). Overall, though at times stressful, the experience of making this record come to life has been one of a kind. Honestly, I just can't wait for the rest of it to come out already. For now, just give this single a listen, will ya?

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.05.05 AM.png

Okay, next up we have Jordan Lovelis, a recently acquired friend, a talented videographer, and an outstanding songwriter. Much like Marcelo!, he had just released his third single titled "Hey Diane". It's much more ambient, and mellowed out compared to his first two releases. Filled with snappy guitars, an old-school piano, many background harmonies, tons of percussion, and reverb-heavy drum hits as well as strings, it makes for a very atmospheric and fervent piece. Realistically, I'd recommend for you to listen to any of his songs, and in case you do, you'll be able to hear how different of a feeling this song presents. Now, be a kind person to yourself and press the button below.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.11.03 AM.png

Lastly, about two weeks ago my friend introduced me to a brand new single from James Blake. Now, I've heard of James before, but not once have I heard his music. The time came and I was shown the brand new song "Don't Miss It". It is easily on of the most heartfelt and unique songs to have come out this year. A pillowy piano modulating in specific sections, samples of anything from what sounds like filtered kicks, to short, distorted claps. With all that, the crown jewel is easily the vocals. They are both very dynamic, yet tamed brilliantly. Simply stunning performance. I am under the impression that specific vocal effects were intentionally placed to serve their according sections. Heavily stereo-spread, chorused vocals come in during what appears to be choruses. My theory in the "glitch" like effect that's present during those very parts is that James recorded his vocals at a slower tempo, later speeding them up (Beatles much?) to the appropriate tempo, and chopped up very small chunks of his takes placing them back-to-back, in order to accomplish a glitchy effect, but one that never suddenly jumps from one section of a word to another. It is both smooth and stirring. You'll just have to hear it for yourself. The lyrics for this song are quite unique in their approach as well, as they often differ in the amount of syllables, certain lines having not rhymed, etc. That being said, you could say they simply "cut deep". This is one of those songs you reeeeaallllyyy have to take the time to sit down and listen to. Perhaps when its raining, or you've had a day where you're just stuck inside your head, or maybe you're taking some time to reflect. In any case, I'd recommend that when you listen to this song, where there are no distractions. Consider this instructions, much like on beer bottles that say "best served chilled". If you don't do this, I have a feeling you might miss out on much of the impact. Get ready to get hit "right in the feels".


Well, I think I've given you all plenty to browse through. Stick around for next week. Until then,

"Stay cool, and stay Collective."

Collective Heartbeat Team